two-hundred-and-sixteen-twenty-seven: instrument

“Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.”


two-hundred-and-eleven-fifteen: run

two-hundred-and-nine-ten: lift

sometimes we need a lift from the stress of everyday life – meditation, exercise they can help. Stop focusing on the negative and propelling it through your thoughts, emotions, feelings and energy. Channel that energy into the good and lift your vibration.

two-hundred-and-four: accountable

in life you cannot control what is thrust upon you but you can be accountable for how you choose to feel and react upon whatever is thrown your way

two-hundred-and-three: retreat

Retreat inward for rejuvenation and inspiration. Listen to your body. Listen to your heart. Trust in yourself. Take time to unwind.

two-hundred-and-two: two-choices

“You have two choices, to control your mind or to let your mind control you.” – Paulo Coelho