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two: preach

So yesterday I was speaking with a friend who recently got out of a long term relationship who was obviously down and the last time I spoke to him he was quite distressed. We spoke about all things relationship from the physical to the mental, the fights to the adorations. What I had realised was it was funny, the human experience. How we go through things and think we are alone at the time when we realise some of our experiences, others too experience, in fact it is more than likely especially with relationships. Which brought me to thinking it’s funny how we always assume we will be the exception, the exception to the man we know is a jerk but we can change him! or the woman who can’t commit but i’ll be the exception! It is more then likely we aren’t the exception, or it is better to not assume so… after all emotions can cloud judgement and it is only when we are truly in touch with our emotions we are able to utilise emotions to help guide us to what feels right instinctually. Anyways our conversation progressed which it was when I realised he was doing all these things that devalued him – continuing to chase his ex girlfriend after her actions showed she was no longer interested, setting time aside for her which she did not want… so I talked to him about valuing himself more and more self love and focusing all the energy he had for her to himself and other areas of his life such as work and study to self improve. This thought led to another: do I practice what I preach? There are many times in life when we will give advice to others, but many will know how hard it is to take your own advice. Hence I have a new pledge to myself to practice what I preach! To know my value! To self love above all things else.

one: appreciation

Hence begins the start of 300andsixty five thoughts; born from the inspiration of seeing many others on the internet reflect and ponder about life and consciousness. An anonymous author keen to live life to the fullest and reflect on it all. Today a simple gesture of walking whilst listening to music prompted the thought of how lucky we are to be able to walk! Such a simple gesture many of us take for granted along with being able to breathe, to live… So vital for us to practice appreciation and gratitude for simple things before it becomes to late whether its a motion all the way to a person. This project was set to being next year on the first of January 2014 but I thought hey why not start now, there is nothing like living in the now; in the moment. Anyways there is such beauty in disorganised chaos. All is a paradox.