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thirty-one: gratitude

it has been said that gratitude can actually make us live longer. what is gratitude? i believe gratitude is all about being thankful, being appreciative of what you have, living in the moment, it’s a shift in mentality when times are tough. an example being say you miss the bus, there is still something to be grateful for – the fact that there are buses to transport you around, the fact that you’re able to walk and get to the bus – this shift in mentality is a release from the victim role. gratitude ensures a healthy state of mind, radiant positivity. there are many ways to cultivate gratitude
– waking up every morning and asking yourself what are you thankful for?
– grateful and positive affirmations
– a gratitude jar, have an empty jar and put notes inside of what you are grateful for each day
– showing gratitude to our loved ones and society through kind gestures

thirty: smile

Smile: if you can’t lift the corners, let the middle sag

Smiling is incredibly infectious; a simple gesture which spreads love and positivity. It brings warmth and joy to all around us including strangers. Spread positivity through your smile! It’s difficult to be sad when you’re smiling. Smile at strangers on the train. Smile at strangers on the street. Even if it doesn’t bring positivity to another’s day at the very least it does to yours! 🙂

twenty-nine: exercise

exercise is a grand thing with so many benefits, health benefits, social benefits, mental benefits – there’s so many. i love exercising for many reasons, one being i am able to push the boundaries of my physicality and mind. to go beyond the pain and push myself to the best that i can be physically and it is so great to release the emotions of the day and lose your mind in the exercise that you are doing. you can also exercise with a friend so you get all these benefits shared and with a friend.

twenty-eight: mirror

mirrors are fascinating objects, showing a reflection of whom you are, to see yourself physically. the idea of mirroring is also symmetrically, and often the truth. from what i have experienced and found is that the people around us can be mirrors of ourselves, or in a certain aspect reflect elements of us within them – universal things: emotions; feelings; pain, love, joy, happiness, sadness… yesterday i was caught in a mirror moment, a moment of truth. I was advising a friend on their absent partner and they were making up so many excuses for them i found myself having a bitter taste in my mouth, my blood was boiling, they could feel my shifting negative energy, i caught myself in her, a mirror for it was what i was doing to someone else, making so many excuses for them when really there were too many moments. catching yourself in the mirror or elements in another person can be scary but what we can gain is great insight, a bird’s eye holistic view of what is going on. it is said the greatest relationship is with a mirror of yourself, essentially yourself but there is belief of twin flames whom are the other half of your soul, your mirror, an thus an awakening begins. mirrors can also prompt analysis, reflection of physicality and mind. sometimes i look in the mirror and think is that really me? sometimes i get so caught up in my mind i forget my physical and the mirror acts as a gateway to reconnect those spheres of myself. mirrors also enable one to see what’s behind, sometimes a glimpse into the past… present … future … have you caught yourself in a mirror lately?

twenty-seven: expectations

Expectation is the root of all heartache – Shakespeare

Shakespeare said it perfectly himself and that is why it is best to have no expectations. No expectations means no attachment, living in the moment enabling us to be free of emotional value attached to an expectation leading to greater joy within.

twenty-six: sunlight

there is something so beautiful about the warmth of the radiating sun – it’s love, nutrition and unceasingly burning. i used to be afraid of the sun i would slather u[ in sunscreen but not anymore with the various debates at to whether sunscreen can actually cause cancer due to harsh chemicals so i have been going without sun and i love it. the warmth on your skin, there’s something so joyful and loving about the sun and although i live in an urban jungle i open my window and blinds every morning to allow the sun in, absorb the sun when walking and make a conscious effort to seek the sun. a beautiful quote i remember about sunlight:

People are like sunlight. You can feel their warmth, and their glow, but you can’t hold them in your hand and keep them with you forever. People chose to stay. But a choice is made more meaningful when it is made despite so many other options.

twenty-five: offended

when we are offended, it is our ego in control. yesterday i asked my friend a question to which she replied ‘calm down’ which led to me being utterly offended for her assumption i was out of control, acting irrational. a pet peeve of mine is when people tell people to ‘calm down’ when they have not done anything major unless they are raging off their heads or shouting. when i told her this offended me she proceeded to say ‘wow’ further irritating and enraging my ego for her sarcastic response, nothing sets me off more then stupid sarcasm. i have come to realise this is my ego acting in full response. being offended is being in my ego state placing myself in a disempowering victim role giving the ‘offender’ more power. whatever i do or say i know how i feel and how i am acting out of it. other people can think whatever they want as long as i know my true heart and intention. and if that is the case there is no way to be offended. next time this happens i have learnt a lesson. to breathe. live in the moment. accept my irritation but let it go. do not act out of it. i am in control.

twenty-four: trust

trust. trust in the universe that it will not give you anything that you cannot handle. trust in the universe that it will give you what you want if it is meant to be. trust in others. trust in your instinct. trust.

twenty-two: free

to be free. free from troubles. free from worries. free from the mind.