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one-hundred-and-thirty-nine: essence

There is an old anecdote about three travellers who go to Rome. They visit the pope who asks of the first, “How long are you going to be here?” The many says “Three Months” and the pop replies “Then you will be able to see much of Rome.” The second man answers “Six Weeks” and the pope replies “Then you will be able to see more then the first.” The third man answers “Two weeks” and the pope response “You are so fortunate, you will be able to see everything there is to see!”
– From Everyday Osho

This really spoke to me on a spiritual level as well as from a travelling perspective. When we think we have a lot of time we can get stagnant, unappreciative whereas when we know we have limited time we strive to achieve what we can within those confines – we don’t postpone our lives and if we do it’s at our own cost. Now that you have thought of this what will you do in your limited lifetime physically on Earth?